1win Responsible Gaming Policy in India

Responsible Gaming Policy on the 1win website in India

Unfortunately, gambling in the 1win Casino may turn from a pleasant pastime into a real and serious addiction. To protect Indian players from rash actions and financial risks as efficiently as possible, the Company adheres to the Responsible Gaming policy.

These provisions are aimed at controlling activity on the website and 1win mobile app, detecting suspicious behavior, preventing minors from accessing the casino, and helping addicted players.

What Is Gambling Addiction?

What is compulsive gambling on the 1win website?

Gambling addiction is an obsession with betting or playing casino games which leads to disregard for social, material, and family values and unhealthy abstraction from reality. An addicted player feels the need to gamble for money all the time. This has a negative impact on their everyday life, studies, and work. At serious stages, addiction develops into a real mental illness and causes poor health, depression, or even suicidal tendencies.

How to Prevent Gambling Addiction?

Prevent gambling addiction with 1win

Always remember that playing in the Casino in India is just one of the ways to entertain yourself, relax, and have fun. Don’t try to enrich yourself or make gambling your main source of income. Be careful and use the following methods to control your gaming behavior:

  • Never try to make up for losses by placing more bets;
  • If you’ve already lost several times in a row during the gaming session, leave the Casino for today;
  • Start playing only if you have enough INR that you can afford to waste. Do not play for the money that must be spent on your everyday life;
  • Manage the time and bankroll and make sure to complete the game on time without additional investments and bets.

Test to Detect Problematic Gaming Behavior

Test to detect problematic gaming behaviour at 1win

An addicted player is rarely willing to admit that they have problems. If you’re worried about your gaming behavior or you just want to test yourself, answer these 10 questions:

  • Do you increase your bet amount with each new game?
  • Is it impossible for you to spend a day without playing in the Casino?
  • Are you playing with borrowed money?
  • Do you not keep track of time and often play longer and longer every day?
  • Is your reputation among co-workers, friends, and family members worsening because of your hobby?
  • Do you get angry if you can’t place bets for certain reasons?
  • Does gambling help you to abstract from life problems?
  • Are you trying to make up for losses?
  • Have you tried to stop playing in the Сasino, but any attempts are unsuccessful?
  • Do your loved ones not know about your hobby?

If your answer to 5 or more questions is «Yes», you have problematic gaming behavior that can turn into addiction soon.

Measures to Struggle with Gambling Addiction

Measures to combat gambling addiction with 1win

The 1win Casino gives users an opportunity to be excluded from the game for a while. Contact the customer support service and ask them to freeze the account. As soon as you decide to return, the gambling company will open access to your profile.

If you need advice or more professional help, check the sites of the following organizations:

  • Gambling Therapy;
  • GamCare;
  • Gamblers Anonymous;
  • Abhasa;
  • Alpha Healing.