1win Terms and Conditions in India

General terms and conditions of the 1win website

During registration on the 1win India website or 1win mobile app, the Indian player enters into an agreement with the Company and undertakes to comply with its Terms and Conditions. Only the document that is currently published on the original casino site is relevant and legally binding. The administration of 1win has the right to edit the regulations, but users are necessarily notified about it by email.

Remember that when using the services of the site, you automatically agree to the Casino’s rules. It’s your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the provisions. Ignorance of the rules doesn’t exempt you from liability.

Registration Requirements

Registration requirements on the 1win website

Only players who’ve reached the age of majority (18 years old) are allowed to use the services of the website. If during the verification it’s found out that a minor gambler is playing at the casino, their profile will be blocked for violating the Agreement. Therefore, a request for verification sent by the administration is absolutely legal.

You’re also prohibited from registering and placing bets on the website if:

  • You live in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Switzerland, Albania, Barbados, Pakistan, Syria, South Sudan, Cayman Islands, Haiti, Jamaica, North Korea, Malta, and Panama;
  • You’re not ready to provide reliable information about yourself;
  • You’re a participant in a sporting event that you plan to bet on. This includes coaches, referees, or players;
  • You already have an active account in the system. Multiaccounting is a violation of the 1win rules and can even lead to blocking.

You’re offered two registration methods ‒ standard via phone number or email and in one click. Note that if the entered information is outdated or changed, you must immediately edit it in your profile.

Verification Procedure

Verification procedure of account on the 1win website

To ensure the safety of Indian players, the 1win Casino has the right to ask each new or regular user to verify their identity at any time. For this reason, you need to specify only real data during registration, as it may need to be checked.

To verify your identity, the Company requests several types of information:

  • Personal documents such as passport, ID card, or driver’s license. Upload high-quality photos or scans;
  • Physical address details. The easiest way is to provide scans of utility bills no more than three months old;
  • Bank certificates that reflect the latest activity on the card/account you use for payments.

If the player refuses to pass verification, the Casino has the legal right to freeze the account for a while or permanently block it.

Access to the Account

Access to your account on the 1win website

The user must keep their login information (username and password) confidential to third parties. If you forgot your access data, you can restore it in the authorization form by clicking the «Forgot Password» button.

The player is responsible for all losses incurred due to unauthorized access to the profile by scammers and other third parties. Therefore, on the first suspicion of account hacking, you should contact the security service of the Casino immediately.

Illegal Actions on the Website

Illegal actions on the 1win website

The Casino does everything possible to ensure that Indian gamblers can comfortably and safely play on the website. However, users themselves need to behave responsibly and not endanger themselves or other players. Here are the actions that are strictly prohibited by the 1win Casino Policy:

  • Providing access to your account or personal information to third parties;
  • Using hacker programs to cheat the Casino or predict game results;
  • Fraudulent activities related to finances. This includes any kind of fraud, money laundering, and terrorist financing;
  • Committing actions aimed at hacking a website for fraudulent purposes;
  • Taking part in any other criminal activity on the site;
  • Conducting gambling activities on behalf of other people;
  • Uploading large amounts of information that can lead to serious server crashes;
  • Transferring or selling your personal profile to third parties;
  • Being rude or aggressive with other players or the Casino administration;
  • Copying information from the website and publishing it on your sites for commercial purposes without attribution.

Punishment for Violating the 1win Terms and Conditions

Punishment for violation of the terms and conditions on the 1win website

The Company may terminate cooperation with the player and delete their profile in several cases:

  • It turned out that the current gambler’s profile is related to a previously deleted or blocked account;
  • Suspicious activity has been recorded on the profile. The player is suspected of participating in a criminal gang or conspiracy to hack a website;
  • The system recorded attempts to use third-party software to disrupt the stable work of the site;
  • The player uses their profile in the Casino to publish and distribute offensive or fake information in order to deceive others.

You can challenge the administration’s decision through the support service. Contact the specialist in a live chat on the website or app, by phone number, or by email.